About The Foul Play Cabaret~

Created in the spring of 2011, after the huge success of the first annual Spa City Sweethearts, A small group of girls who couldn't imagine waiting another year to perform decided to make a place for themselves in the world of burlesque From that the Foul Play Cabaret was born. Since that day the Foul play has been living the dream. Performing sold out shows in their home town, Hot Springs, Arkansas, with performers like Red Snapper and Ruby Joule, we continued to venture out into the wonderful world of burlesque.      
‚ÄčIn the Summer of 2012 The Foul Play hit the road with The holy shakes. They performed 7 shows in 9 days across the north, and northeast US. In the fall of 2012, They started a monthly review at Maxine's live, that ran an entire year. Bringing performers like Black Mariah (TX), Vivienne Vermouth (TX), Red Snapper (CA), and Sock it to ya burlesque (TN) to the natural state, to meserize fans as much as possible.    
In 2013 La Divina Productions called upon some of the troupe members to be a part of their amazing shows in some of the most beautiful theaters across Texas. First Violet D'vine was invited to do the "Queens of Burlesque" shown with Indigo Blue, Imogen Kelly and many more in April. Ruby Lead and Doris Night were invited to do the Nouvelle show with Lou Lou D'vil, Ruby Joule, and other amazing performers in June.Then Raven Rose was invited to do the "Hotter then hell" tour with Catherine D'lish and Jett Adore in August.   
 The foul play cabaret hopes to continue this amazing road that is burlesque. Brings laughs, sex appeal, and good times to every place they enter. Whether it be a fundraiser for the Arkansas children's hospital or the biggest show they could imagine the ladies and gentlemen of the foul play will entertain you on stage then will amaze you with humbleness.


The Foul Play Cabaret

Arkansas' Finest Classic burlesqu